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Tea from the lovely local company PEKOE TEA in Edinburgh and packaged especially for Ginger Twist Studio crafters.

  • BREAKFAST BLEND TEA: Made specially in Kolkata from a blend of CTC and Orthodox Assam teas. It is great at the start of the day but can be enjoyed at any time. Blended Black Tea from Pekoe Tea in Edinburgh. TASTING NOTES: It has a full malty flavour with a rich dark liquor. This tea goes well milk, and sugar may be added to taste.
  • SCOTS EARL GREY TEA: Hand blended Earl Grey wth natural essence of bergamot fruit, enlivened with the piquancy of the leaves of the bergamot plant (Monarda fistulosa) and decorated with Scottish heather. Blended by hand from Pekoe Tea and Edinburgh. TASTING NOTES: A beautifully scented light tea base; imagine classic citrus Earl Grey with added sweet herbal notes. Best enjoyed without milk.

  • GOLDEN MONKEY:  Lovely golden colour, full-bodied and syrupy notes from this Fujian Province black (or red) tea! The legend says that trained monkeys would pick the tea humans couldn't access. But legends are only legends... Aren't they?
  • MASALA CHAI ROOIBOS: Rooibos tea is grown exclusively in the Cedarburg region of South Africa, where it has been growing wild for centureies. It is also known as the Red Tea and comes from a plant that is naturally free from caffeine. Blended by hand from Pekoe Tea in Edinburgh. Masala Chai Rooibos is blended with cinnamon and other spices to produce the naturally caffeine-free Rooibos version of Indian Masala Chai.

Weight in each packet of tea: 20 grams