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Eventually, when knitting a hat, mittens, are various other small, circular patterns, you'll need to make the transition to double pointed needles to complete the project. HiyaHiya's bamboo DPNs are perfect for beginner knitters making the step from fixed circulars to double pointed needles as the bamboo offers plenty of grip on the yarn to ensure an easy knit.

The high quality of the bamboo double pointed needles is assured using the finest selected bamboo that won't splinter or warp over time. The bamboo DPNs are, furthermore, injected with a resin that allows them to be lighter in weight which decreases the strain on the knitter's wrists. This ensures all our bamboo double pointed needles are warm to the touch which is fantastic for knitters with reduced dexterity.

Hiya Hiya bamboo DPNs come in packs of five, with three or four used to hold the stitches while the fifth knits, available in lengths of 6" or 8". Each length comes with ever more variety of thicknesses, ranging from the minute 2.00mm to the chunky 10.00mm. This means that there is a HiyaHiya bamboo DPN for any small, circular knitting pattern.