For this year’s DARUMA Collection we collaborated with Canadian designers Kiyomi

and Sachiko Burgin, two designers we have been working with for several years. The
theme of this collection is “Heavenly Bodies’’ – the Milky Way, aliens, zero gravity, and
fluffy knitwear... Using their boundless imaginations they developed a collection of
cosmic designs that are equal parts playful, heavenly, and cozy.

Printed in Japan by Shinano Publishing

  • 8 patterns: 2 sweaters, 2 cardigans. a hoodie, a cowl, a hat, and a pair of socks.
  • Featured yarns: GENMOU, GEEK, Wool Mohair, Falkland Wool, and Silk Mohair, all from DARUMA
  • Format: Hardcover, B5 size, approximately 90 pages