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If you're anything like me, I never remember how long my foot needs to be on my socks when I'm knitting them and constantly end up trying them on, or fighting with a tape measure. So a handy gadget with sock sizes on seems like a sensible idea. The size reminder is just over 30cm long, and has UK sizes, EU, US Women's and Men's sizes etched on it so you never need to worry about remembering how long your foot should be! And it is in the Ginger Twist Studio signature shade! The toe is flat along the bottom, ideal for those kitchener toes, making sure you can get a nice accurate measure of your sock.

To the left of the sizer is left blank, so you can draw on the blocker with a sharpie pen or similar (this should rub off with a bit of alcohol and elbow grease), ideal for writing measurements down or marking out where you need to start your heel when knitting toe up! You can also use it for lots of other items, not just socks, pockets, sleeves, ribbed sections, baby clothes, and more!

This listing is for one item and the sizer measures just over 30cm long and 10cm wide.