A kit for a cute pair of fingerless mitts with a beautiful traditional Estoniam motif. Each kit has enough wool to make 2 pairs of mitts; a set for you and a set for your pal. 

Your kit includes

  • Ginger's Hand Dyed Masham Mayhem 4ply in 3 shades (1 for the main colour and 2 mini cakes for the contrast shades)
  • Hilja Mitts Pattern
  • Ginger Twist Studio drawstring project bag

Pattern Notes

  • These wrist warmers are knit from the bottom up.
  • The cuff features 3x3 rib and corrugated ribbing.
  • The body of the wrist warmer features a motifs created using the Estonian inlay technique called “Roosimine”. Contrast colours (CC1 and CC2) are held double for the inlay floats.
  • The thumbhole is created using a technique for making buttonholes by binding off stitches and then casting back on the same number of stitches to create a hole.

Skill level: advanced beginner; comfortable with knitting with two colours and in the round.


A. Length: 24 cm / 9.5”
B. Wrist circumference: 20 cm / 8”
C. Length cuff to thumb hole: 18 cm / 7”

Skills Used:

  • Knitting in the round
  • Ribbing
  • Corrugated (2 color) ribbing Roosimine 
  • Purlwise cable cast on (video tutorial link included)