Ginger Twist Studio



An accessories pattern collection by Clare Devine.

During 2015 the Neighbo(u)rhood Sheep Society celebrated local yarn from small scale producers in the UK. Over the course of six months we created a bespoke yarn and pattern club to celebrate the “Best of British”. It was a wonderful experience and we enjoyed sharing our love of locally produced yarns with knitters.

While these designs were originally created for Neighbo(u)rhood Sheep Society yarns and exclusive to club members, we wanted to make sure other knitters could enjoy them too. To make them more accessible, we have reworked them in yarns readily available from Ginger’s Hand Dyed, an independent yarn company based in Edinburgh.

Each design has been carefully crafted by Clare to work beautifully with the exquisite yarn produced by Jess, showcasing the incredible range of colours available. You can find out more about Jess and Clare at the end of this booklet.

Patterns Included:

Mellit Mitts

Muddy Daffodils Socks

Pentland Hills Shawl

Portobello Shawl

Weve Cowl