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The classic fitted cardigan that every wardrobe needs. Fronts and back are worked in one piece to the underarms, from the bottom up, with gentle waist shaping. The upper back and fronts are then worked separately with slightly different shaping at the front and back armscyes. The shoulders are sloped with short rows and seamed together after binding off: this short seam helps to prevent the shoulders stretching out and gives a neater finish than a three needle bind off. Stitches are picked up around the armscye for the sleeves. The sleeve caps, which are also shaped asymmetrically, are worked using the same kind of short rows as a heel turn which decreases a stitch for each turn and allows enough stitches to be picked up to avoid stretching. After completing the sleeve caps the sleeves are worked in the round down to the cuffs. The buttonbands and neckband are worked from picked up stitches. An unusual, very neat method is used to create the small buttonholes.

Fingering / 4ply weight yarn with good memory. Wool or wool blends are ideal. 

1115(1185, 1265, 1360, 1440) [1545, 1625, 1725, 1805] (1900, 1990, 2095) yds / 1020(1085, 1160, 1245, 1315) [1410, 1485, 1580, 1650] (1735, 1820, 1915) m

6(6, 6, 7, 7) [8, 8, 9, 9] (9, 10, 10) skeins of Tukuwool Fingering