“Toranja” is the Portuguese word for “grapefruit”, because that was my first thought when I saw this color combination. I love pink grapefruit! They are not only the prettiest citrus fruits in terms of color, but also extremely tasty as a juice that can be mixed with (non-alcoholic) beer, aloe vera juice or a dash of vodka. And the high amount of vitamin C in it helps that we don't catch cold in winter - just like the nice, soft cowl that I knitted from this grapefruit-colored yarn.
You start with a provisional stop, work inclined spikes and insert the cute little squares that allow the yarn to pool subtly. Interesting, but not at all complicated to knit. 120 grams result in a neck-close cowl like in the photos, with more yarn it can be enlarged to a loop scarf. Have fun with it!

Yarn: Fingering weight/4ply 

Needles: 4.0mm