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This little sweater is the result of a silly challenge I set myself the day before a scheduled photoshoot with a newborn. That adorable sleepy stage is fleeting and new parents have enough to deal with without me showing up constantly, camera in hand, and a bag full of outfits. Could I knit just one more sweater in a day. I could. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that you do the same, but even if it takes a little more than one day, Envelope makes a great fast gift. 

The sleeves and yoke are worked in one piece beginning at the left cuff. The yoke is divided for front and back, then rejoined to complete the right sleeve. The wide overlapping neck makes for easy dressing. I-cord worked as you go gives a smooth finish to the neck opening and forms integrated buttonloops. Stitches are picked up around the base of the completed yoke — picking up and purling positions the slipped stitches from the yoke on the outside of the garment — and the body is worked downwards in the round.