Celebrate spring with Fibre Mood 28 and enjoy 12 blissfully versatile patterns. From edgy statement pieces and festive eye-catchers yearning for a dance to more everyday fits and the perfect spring bomber. This unique issue has it all and is sure to leave you with plenty of compliments, because that wow factor is hidden in every pattern.

Prepare for a sunny season with asymmetrical beauties Ashley, Florrie and Hailey and blow everyone away with Dallas, an ultra-festive dress with surprising back detail hidden under a dashing cape. Or could your wardrobe still use some tops? Becca, Lillian and Geiorgie are only too happy to let you get your hands on them.

This sewing magazine is eager to introduce itself to you, so don't wait any longer and meet your new spring favourites!

Each Fibre Mood magazine contains 12 sewing patterns and several combinations. The pattern book consists of 3 parts. 1 part with photos of the models, 1 part with explanations and 1 part with radar sheets with full-size patterns. Together good for hours of sewing fun!