Ginger Twist Studio has its very own range of luxury hand dyed yarns called Ginger's Hand Dyed, which spans from lace weight all the way up to chunky. Jess specializes is sweet semi-solids of undulating colour and no 2 skeins are really the same. This is the beauty of hand dyed!

If you see a shade you like, and would prefer it on a particular base, just give a shout via email:

This can then be added to the dye schedule. Please bear in mind that the shades will turn out differently on different bases. Silk absorbs the dye in a different way to Wensleydale.  These beauties are dyed by the proprietor herself in a separate dye studio just down the road from the shop. 

Please note that some of the more intense shades may bleed. You may want to pre-wash these highly saturated skeins before combining them with other shades in your projects. 


We strive to ensure the colour appears as accurate as possible in the product photography, but please bear in mind that everyone's screens for viewing the colour are slightly different. If you are unsure of a colour and would like a bit of input, please do get in touch!


For all Ginger's Hand Dyed, it is highly recommend that you hand wash in tepid water with wool wash. These are dyed with professional grade acid dyes and the colour is fixed with vinegar. But it is our opinion that hand dyed yarns deserve a bit extra loving care. Some of the bases are able to be washed in the machine, please follow the care instructions on the label. 

For all other yarns, please refer to the yarn label for washing and care instructions. Ginger Twist Studio sells a variety of both superwash (able to be washed in the machine) and hand wash only yarns. 


Please note payment is required to book a place in a workshop, and is non-refundable. The hotel space is fully wheelchair accessible. The cafe is not wheelchair accessible as there are a few steps going into the back room where the workshop is held.


You are welcome at Ginger Twist Studio regardless of your age, gender, race, sexual orientation, or if you have a disability. Discrimination, bullying or harassment are not tolerated within these shop walls. Wool brings people together, and we want everyone to feel safe and respected in this space. With regards to a wheelchair or pram, the shop is very small, but there are no steps to navigate. The door can be a bit of a squeeze , but we can manage. Please be respectful, and you will be respected. If you have any complaints, concerns, or would like assitance in planning your visit, please email 


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