Ginger Twist Studio has its very own range of luxury hand dyed yarns called Ginger's Hand Dyed. These beauties are dyed by the proprietor herself in a separate dye studio just down the road from the shop. The range spans from lace weight all the way up to chunky. Jess specializes is sweet semi-solids of undulating colour and no two skeins are really the same. This is the beauty of hand dyed! 


If you have the time and inclination, hand washing suits hand dyed yarn best (with cool water and wool wash). This will ensure your woollens last as long as possible. But if not, look out for something containing the words 'superwash' and this yarn can be put in the washing machine. Please always refer to the yarn label for care instructions.


Ginger's Hand Dyed is usually dyed up in a batch of 5 skeins. The beauty and curse is that every skein is different, and can even look different when from the same dye lot. When you order an online order we will endeavor to get all your yarn from the same batch and/or from batches that look similar. I would usually recommend your stripe/alternate skeins particularly when the skeins look different. This is to prevent unintentional colour blocking or pooling. Or what I would tend to do if the skeins look similar is wait until I approach the end of a ball, and then start striping in the new one to help ease the transition. 


Please note, some shades may bleed. This may occur with really saturated skeins. If you are combining shades and concerned about bleeding you may want to pre-wash your skeins in cool water and wool wash before you actually start knitting/crocheting/weaving. If the colour continues to bleed after washing, you may want to 'refix' the colour:

To refix the colour, put yarn in a bucket or receptacle not used for food. Add a cup of vinegar or some powdered citric acid and cover with just boiled water from the kettle. Do not disturb or agitate the yarn after adding the hot water. Leave to set overnight, then rinse. That should do the trick.

If you have any concerns please get in touch!