Hiya, my name is Jess and I love yarn! My Nana taught me to knit as a youngster in Oregon, and there was no stopping me after I learned the basics. Ginger Twist Studio opened its doors in June 2013, and was the cutest wee shop! We have since moved to a much bigger space in 2023 to also carry fabric and more haberdashery. I’m very fortunate to have been able to take something I feel so passionate about, and turn it into a career.  I love being surrounded by rainbows of natural fibres and working with my hands.




Operations Manager 

Hello! I'm Kathleen - and I genuinely don't remember where or when I started knitting back in Australia, but I've always loved using my hands and creating colourful pieces. By trade I'm a machine knitter, specialising in striking colour and surface pattern combinations, but you can find me a few days a week in the colour haven that is Ginger Twist Studio, where I'm so happy to help you with all your colour choosing needs.




Studio Assistant

Hello! I’m Jessica and I’ve been a knitter most of my life - after teaching myself from a book when I was nine. Nearly twenty years later, I’ll happily take any opportunity to talk about beautiful yarn and patterns. Off the shop floor, I spend my time working as a nanny and musical theatre teacher, and also host a knitting podcast over on YouTube.



Crochet Workshop Tutor

I was taught to crochet when I was 7 years old by my grandmother, and my mum taught me to knit at the same time as I wanted to get my knitting badge at Brownies. Over the years I have found crochet to be calming and restorative. This is why as a Crochet Tutor I feel I’m ‘Unlocking the mysteries and well-being benefits of crochet in a busy world’. 



Knitting Tutor

I was taught to knit at a young age by my mum, I picked it back up as a student and got the bug for learning more and more- I have picked up lots of tips and techniques through making countless mistakes and while I am still learning I love to share what i know with other knitters.




The Original Mascot 

Ginger is unfortunately no longer with us, but he was the best cat. xx