Launching on 21 February!

Hello, Special n°3! It’s here: Fibre Mood 27 is another special edition, and what a special edition it is... ! Because with this XL edition, we have for you no less than 15 essential sewing patterns with lots of different variations. 

Think of Joni our timeless blazer, wear-with-everything bodysuit Cheryl, comfy t-shirt Erica, and button-down shirt Odyna. In short: a whole host of indispensable must-haves with which you can effortlessly complement your me-made (capsule) wardrobe with sophisticated pieces that are easy to mix and match. 🪡✨ 

No garments will be left hanging lonely in your closet because with Fibre Mood 27/Special n°3, they will no doubt find a partner in crime.

Special n°3 contains no less than 15 sewing patterns with lots of different variations. A handy bodysuit, cozy cardigan, timeless dresses, the perfect basic tops and t-shirts... and more! The pattern book consists of 3 parts. 1 part with photos of the models, 1 part with explanations and 1 part with radar sheets with full-size patterns. Together good for hours of sewing fun!