Trine Frank Påskesen



Create an exquisite wardrobe of timeless, Nordic-inspired knitwear with Nordic Knits for Kids. This enchanting book is a treasure trove of creativity, offering 21 captivating knitting patterns suitable for children aged 06 years. Whether you're an experienced knitter or just beginning your knitting journey, these designs are crafted to delight and inspire.

The heart of this collection lies in its simplicity. Each garment is thoughtfully designed with clean lines and meticulously planned details; not to mention their clever interplay of textures, lacy patterns and intricate details. Among many other skills, Trine Påskesen, the author and founder of Knit By TrineP, shows you how to experiment with classic knitting techniques such as beading and smocking; and how to choose the perfect yarn to make your creations truly special not to mention sustainable. Learn how to customize the patterns to give your unique touch to each garment.

The book begins with a comprehensive section featuring the key abbreviations and fundamental techniques; before a sumptuous Look Book showcases each pattern, offering a visual preview of the beautiful garments you can create. Among the standout patterns in this collection are ‘Arrow,’ ‘Whirlwind,’ and ‘Thistle,’ a charming combination of textures and detailing; the delicate ‘Lightning’ and ‘Svala’ designs; and the ‘Thor’ and ‘Sheltered’ patterns for a more robust look.

Nordic Knits for Kids celebrates the work of various Danish designers and brands, each committed to quality, sustainability, and the beauty of handmade products. These artisans have poured their dedication into every piece; Celebrate the artistry and craftsmanship knitted into every stitch.

About Trine Frank Påskesen

Trine Påskesen is a self-taught knitting designer and the owner of Knit By TrineP, a company she started in 2016. She began knitting in 2014 while expecting her youngest daughter and created her first design when her daughter was a few months old. Trine also started an Instagram profile with the same name, which quickly gained popularity: @knitbytrinep has 27,430 followers (as of Sep 2023).


Since May 2016, Trine has been working full-time at her company, and loves every moment of it. Besides creating knitting patterns for her own business, she also makes patterns for others and teaches knitting through lectures, courses and workshops across her native Denmark. She also works as a freelance photographer, specializing in product, social media and personal photography.


Trine has always been creative, but knitting is her true passion. Her designs are inspired by Nordic fashion, focusing on simplicity and elegance with beautiful details. Her patterns cater to different skill levels and are well-explained. You can also find video tutorials for the techniques used in her patterns on her YouTube channel: @KnitByTrine