Naturally, we just had to find a way to celebrate the beautiful country of Scotland that we call home, and here's the perfect theme: Highland Retreat. Featuring 12 beautiful crochet patterns, and 1 knitting project, Issue 5 is a lovely little ode to time well-spent in the Highlands. 

Highland Retreat' is a soulful collection of the cosiest and most beautiful crochet jumpers, shawls, mittens and hats. You will find jumpers perfect for cosy evenings on the couch, hats and mittens for adventurous wintry walks, and shawls and cowls to top it all off. This issue also includes one menswear and one gender neutral jumper.

Discover beautiful textures, from various techniques for cables, squishy and colourful brioche crochet, and all the wonderful woolly yarns. The issue also one menswear sweater and a gender neutral sweater, Oorlich Dawn and Stravaig, respectively.


With designs by... Alyson Chu, Erin Ellis, Jessica Khochare, Ines Rodgers, Inyoung Kim, Jeanette Sloan, Lydia Niven, Maria Jęczmyk, Fay Dashper-Hughes, Robyn Berry, Smitha Crasta, Sònia Torner


Using yarn from... Along Avec Anna, Biches et Bûches, Brooklyn Tweed, CaMaRose, The Crafty Bird, The Fibre Co., Gullet Farm, John Arbon Textiles, Quince & Co., RiverKnits, Rosa Pomar, Zakami Yarn


And other contributions from... Gaelle Chassery, Gullet Farm