Ashton Lane is a tiny cobbled side street in the West End of Glasgow. Bustling even at the quietest of times, this fairy light adorned lane is a must visit place in the west end of Glasgow, with restaurants, pubs, cinema and nightclubs all packed into this tiny space. For me, it’s the first and last port of call on a night out, and I’d take anyone who visits me in Glasgow here. It’s not a trip out in Glasgow without a half-pint under the fairy lights.

Knitted from the top down, this semi-circular shawl is knit using short rows to create intersecting lines of yarn overs. Either by themselves or by adding beads, these lines represent the fairy lights. Beneath these are the cobbles, using slipped stitches. Th cobbles increase in size toward the edge of the shawl, adding a sense of perspective.

Materials Required: