Trine Frank Påskesen



Knit 21 timeless Nordic-style sweaters, rompers, dresses and tees with these gorgeous patterns for children aged 0-6 years.

Create a wardrobe of classic Nordic-inspired knitwear that is a joy to make and crafted to last. This enchanting book is a treasure trove of stylish, comfortable designs, offering 16 knitting patterns that can be worked into 21 gorgeous garments suitable for children aged 06. Ideal for confident beginners through to experienced knitters, these patterns are designed to be customized, cherished and passed on with love as your children grow.

Choose from a wide range of inspiring and exciting techniques, including:

  • bold, graphic lacework
  • delicate summer knitwear as well as chunkier winter designs
  • textured knitting, including smocked, ribbed and quilted-effect designs
  • beadwork accents.

The book also contains fundamental techniques and yarn substitution advice, as well as a sumptuous ‘Look Book’, which showcases each design in detail. Each pattern is clear and achievable, with charts included where necessary, as well as plenty of beautiful photography to highlight the detail of each stunning slow-fashion garment. 

Trine Påskesen, the author and founder of Knit By TrineP, is a popular modern designer with a large online following. She strives to use her platform to raise the profile of other creatives: Classic Nordic Knits for Kids celebrates the work of various Danish designers and brands, each committed to quality, sustainability, and the beauty of handmade products.