Designing Woven Fabrics describes and illustrates Janet's method of designing functional woven fabrics based on the 2/2 Twill weave structure. It addresses the questions that students most commonly ask of her:

  • How do you design fabrics?
  • Where do you get your ideas from?
  • How do you choose colour combinations?
  • What can I do with the yarn in my store cupboard?

The book, generously illustrated with over 200 colour photographs and over 100 weave diagrams is divided into three distinct parts. 

  • Part 1 covers the construction and weaving of a Multiple-sectioned Sample Blanket developing the 2/2 Twill weave structure. 
  • Part 2 describes the principal design criteria available, such as colour, yarn and sett, to enable a weave structure to be developed into an attractive cloth.
  • Part 3 details 50 original designs using weaves from the Multiple-sectioned Sample Blanket and applying the design criteria to them.

About the Author

Janet has been designing and weaving for over 40 years after studying industrial Textile Design at the Scottish College of Textiles, graduating with a First Class Honours Degree.

Colour and texture are still the passions that keep her weaving. She dyes most of the yarns she uses and is continually experimenting and sampling to find new weaves and textures.

Janet also has a deep commitment to teaching others to be creative with weave both in the U.K. and internationally.