Exploring Woven Fabrics is for beginner and intermediate weavers.  It teaches how to construct and weave multiple-sectioned sample blankets exploring Colour and Weave Techniques on four and eight shafts as well as combining weaves together into Block Weaves.

There are seven multiple-sectioned sample blankets to weave:

  • Four-shaft Colour and Weave Effect
  • Four-shaft Log Cabin
  • Four-shaft Shadow Weave and Repp
  • Block Weaves including Double Cloth and Summer and Winter
  • Eight-shaft Stitched Double Cloth
  • Eight-shaft Bold Colour and Weave/Deflected Double Cloth
  • Eight-shaft Shadow Weave and Repp        

Included are detailed design decisions and principles for weaving 40 original fabrics created from exploring these seven sample blankets further.  There are 12 four-shaft designs and 28 eight-shaft designs.

Exploring Woven Fabrics is a sequel to Janet’s other book Designing Woven Fabrics.

Hardback book with 218 pages.

About the Author

Janet has been designing and weaving for over 40 years after studying industrial Textile Design at the Scottish College of Textiles, graduating with a First Class Honours Degree.

Colour and texture are still the passions that keep her weaving. She dyes most of the yarns she uses and is continually experimenting and sampling to find new weaves and textures.

Janet also has a deep commitment to teaching others to be creative with weave both in the U.K. and internationally.