The cotton seersucker fabric is a delightful choice with its unique design and characteristics. It features a pattern of greenlush little flowers with purple embellishments, creating a charming and vibrant appearance.

Made from 100% cotton, this fabric offers natural breathability and comfort. It has a weight of 135gsm, indicating a medium-light weight that is versatile for a range of projects. With a width of 140cm, there is ample fabric available for various sewing and crafting needs.

The fabric has a soft and structural feel, offering a comfortable wear while maintaining its shape. It also showcases a bubble texture, which is a result of the weaving technique. This texture adds visual interest and depth to the fabric, giving it a unique and distinctive appeal.

With its cotton composition and medium-light weight, this seersucker fabric is suitable for creating garments such as shirts, dresses, skirts, or lightweight jackets. It can also be used for home decor items or crafts that require a touch of charm and texture.

In summary, this cotton seersucker fabric with orange lush little flowers and blue embellishments is a versatile option. Its softness, structural integrity, bubble texture, and specifications of 100% cotton, 135gsm, and 140cm width make it a desirable choice for a variety of sewing and crafting projects.

Machine washable, *Do not bleach *Do not use alkaline laundry detergent, *30C cool wash, Normal tumble dry, Medium iron

3% – 4% Shrinkage

This fabric is sold by the half metre - if you require 1m, please add 2 to cart.