To us knitters, heaven can be a luxurious cashmere blend, caressing our fingers while we knit. Heaven can be a pattern so simple and intuitive, just using knit and purl stitches, knitting up to a beautiful shawlette with an intriguing geometric pattern. Heaven is when something you knit is so soft you never want to take it off again. Heaven can be that very special color only our favorite dyer can achieve. Heaven can have many dimensions and interesting structures, like space - and very much like this shawlette when left unblocked. Heaven can be big, smooth, shiny and beautiful, like this shawlette after blocking. Heaven is a pattern that uses exactly the amount of yarn you have. Heaven can also be a daydream while we knit, maybe of a trip through space, to galaxies far away, leaving all troubles on earth behind us. So here's “Heaven and Space”,

If you prefer to block your shawl, the pattern will lay flat. You can choose to knit as many repeats as you like, making the pattern adaptable to the amount of yarn you have.

Contains charts and written-out patterns.
The shawl is, as most of my designs, asymmetrical.

Size of Shawl in the pictures:
Length 180 cm (72 in),
Depth 44 cm (18 in)

Materials Required: