KNITS FROM NORTHERN LANDS: 20 projects inspired by traditional knitting techniques from the Scottish Isles to Scandinavia


Taking inspiration from the Scandinavian, Nordic and Celtic regions, this book contains 20 charming and modern projects, based on traditional knitting styles and techniques.

Exploring the iconic colourwork of Fair Isle or Scandinavia, or the chunky cables of Aran knitting, the intricacies of Shetland lace knitting or the cosiness of a Guernsey style pillowcase, these are knitwear items that are made to last.

Jenny shares the inspiration and history behind each thoughtful project, as well as easy-to-follow patterns, colourwork charts, and atmospheric photography. She uses a serene and calming colour palette which, combined with beautiful soft yarns and stylish designs, makes for a collection of highly desirable items including garments and home accessories.

Whether you’re a relative beginner or already an experienced knitter, with her guidance, you’ll soon be creating truly special and one-of-a-kind pieces that can be cherished for generations.

About Jenny Fennell

Jenny Fennell is based in Nova Scotia and shares her love for knitting with her mother and grandmother. Having studied Fashion Design and Textile Studies, and Sewing and Dressmaking, she uses this knowledge to craft knitted garments of all kinds. Inspired by folklore tales and Celtic history, Jenny is determined to create pieces that can tell a story, withstand generations and, when the time comes, can be passed on to loved ones to be cherished once more.