Salena Baca



Start crocheting today with expert, beginner-friendly instructions!

Salena Baca loves to introduce crochet to new future enthusiasts! From her many years of teaching, she knows just how to explain each step and anticipate pitfalls, and she has broken down the necessary skills into ten easy lessons. Starting with the basics of how to choose yarn and hooks, she then teaches the basic stitches and how to put them together to create your very first projects. She teaches you to work in rows and rounds, understand crochet charts, combine stitches, change colours, and so much more! Lessons include fun and easy beginner patterns, 28 total, to practise your skills and complete pieces such as wraps, scarves, totes, baskets, table runners, beanies, and blankets.

When you complete the ten easy lessons, you will have all the skills needed to make any crochet pattern you choose!