Tilly Walnes



Includes six full-scale printed unisex sewing patterns for ages 0-12 years with multiple variations, totalling 24 projects

Making clothes for little ones is so much fun whether you’re sewing for your own children, grandchildren or friends’ kids. Tilly & the Buttons: Mini Makes is the go-to resource for clothes making for babies and children, written by sewing trailblazer and mum of two Tilly Walnes.

The book includes six sewing patterns for kids aged 0 to 12 years, plus multiple variations totalling 24 projects. Cute, comfortable and practical, these are the kinds of clothes children will want to wear every day and have crucially passed the playground test.

With clear step-by-step instructions presented in Tilly and the Buttons’ signature user-friendly style, the book is suitable for sewists of all levels. It’s also packed with practical tips and inspiration on topics such as choosing fabrics for childrenswear, embellishment ideas, involving little ones in sewing, and more.

The patterns included are:

  • Mini Ridley leggings
  • Mini Tabitha T-shirt
  • Mini Indigo smock
  • Mini Billie sweatshirt
  • Mini Sonny jacket
  • Mini Juno pyjamas

Full-scale pattern sheets are included in the book ready to trace off, or alternatively you can download and print PDF versions.