SEAL PUP BUCKET TOTE :: The Perfect Project Bag


Perfect for your knitting or crochet project! These bags are durable and super light weight. Easy to pop on the floor when working on your project; it will just stand up on its own. 

The SEAL PUP bucket tote is handmade from upcycled plastic bags fused together to form a strong, durable, waterproof fabric. The straps are made of heavy duty cotton canvas. The Seal Pup is perfect for carrying your knitting projects, lunch, a day at the beach, as a lightweight sustainable handbag, etc.   


  • base: 20 x 14cm/ 8 x 5.5"
  • top: 34cm/ 13.5" wide
  • height: 24cm/ 9.5"
  • handles: 20cm/ 8" high


Kelly Ordemann is a designer and maker based in Edinburgh where she creates upcycled accessories from single-use plastic bags. 

By fusing together several layers of single-use plastic carrier bags using heat and pressure, a new ‘fabric’ is created that is significantly more durable, lightweight and waterproof. This new fabric is used to create functional everyday accessories that will last for many years, keeping the original materials out of the landfills and oceans.

Each hand-crafted item is unique, using only the original markings on the bags. 

Kelly has designed a series of zip pouches, tote bags, and protective laptop/tablet sleeves - all of which are handmade in Scotland.