Jo Barnfield



The Essential Guide to Pattern Making is an extensive and clear guide for all who wish to become confident in designing and making their own patterns.

This handy book will become any dress-maker's pattern-designing bible: with accessible break-downs on seams and darts, the order of make for any garment, how to consider your measurements from scratch, and developing your patterns with the inclusion of pockets, pleats, cuffs, and fastenings.

This comprehensive guide features lots of tips, and is 'bursting at the seams' with coloured illustrations to help lead you through. Written by designer Andrew Richards, a previous designer for Valentino, and Jo Barnfield: an experienced Pattern Cutter and Technical Illustrator who has worked under the likes of Jasmine Di Milo, and has worked as a university lecturer in Fashion for years most currently at the University of the West England. 

This guide will make pattern-making less scary, boosting the confidence of any designer. Learn to be an intuitive  pattern-maker with a depth of understanding in constructing coats, jackets, blazers, dresses, trousers the works!