Worked seamlessly from the top down Wee Chickadee is the perfect introduction to both this style of garment construction and stranded colourwork. There are only eight purl rows worked in two colours so the bulk (and potential scariness) of cutting / steeking your knitting is avoided. Sized from three months to four years with garter stitch cuffs that look equally good folded up or down. The cardigan is shown in an easy care superwash wool and only small amounts of the contrast colours are required — perfect for using up odds and ends. Directions are given for working buttonholes on either the boy (buttonholes on the left) or girl side (buttonholes on the right). Or defy convention and work them on the side that’s easier for adults to button (buttons on the side of your dominant hand are a little easier). Elizabeth Zimmermann’s trick of working buttonholes on both sides so the buttons can be switched on a hand me down is also an option. Wherever you put the buttonholes, don’t forgot to sew the buttons on securely!


Main Colour (MC): 300[365, 425, 470] (540, 575, 605)yds / 275[335, 390, 430] (495, 525, 555)m

Yoke Background (CC1): 45[45, 50, 50] (50, 55, 60)yds / 40[40, 45, 45] (45, 50, 55)m

Birds (CC2): 20[20, 20, 20] (20, 25, 25)yds / 20[20, 20, 20] (20, 25, 25)m

Yoke Border (CC3): 40[40, 45, 50] (50, 55, 60)yds / 35[35, 40, 45] (45, 50, 55)m