I Made This & It Feels Good!

  • A new label with a groovy feel
  • 6 Labels
  • Label Dimensions: 3cm/2cm
  • Label type: Side seam 


For Me

  • The For Me Collection is 6 pack of double sided woven labels with 3 different designs. In each pack there are 2 labels of each design.
  • MADE / BY MY HANDS - with a blue and pink squiggle design X 2
  • I SEW / FOR ME - with light purple and tan brown polka dot design X 2
  • SAVAGE / NOT AVERAGE - with green and light green irregular triangle design X 2
  • Dimensions: 2cm/3cm


Made In Me Time 

  • Pack of 6 labels
  • Dimensions: 2.5cm/3cm 


Today Is A Good Day

  • Pack of 6 labels 
  • This label is designed with a centre fold and can be sewn in to a garment, bag, craft project or quilt. Ideally this style of label would be sewn into a seam, neckband or facing but can also be top stitched along the top. 
  • Dimensions : 2.5cm/3cm 


Make It Happen

  • This label is flat with two edge folds on either side. The can be sewn flat to the inside of the garment or can be sewn on the outside too. This label is too good to be hidden away!  
  • Pack of 6 labels
  • Dimensions: 2.5cm/5cm


Absofuckinglutely Ages

  • These labels are made from 100% organic cotton, ensuring both quality and eco-friendliness. These edge fold labels add a touch of humour and authenticity to your handmade masterpieces.
  • Pack of 6 labels
  • Dimensions: 5cm/2.5cm


Simply Handmade 3.0

  • You will receive 3 of each label in a pack. An edge fold label featuring a lush green backdrop adorned with an eye-catching HANDMADE lettering in lilac and gold thread, perfectly capturing the essence of the season's energy.
  • Pack of 6 labels
  • Dimensions: Green: 2.5cm/5cm Peach: 3cm/2.5cm


I Made This - I Can Do Anything

  • 'I MADE THIS - I CAN DO ANYTHING is a double sided label with I MADE THIS on one side and I CAN DO ANYTHING on the other.
  • Pack of 6 labels
  • Dimensions: 3cm/2.5cm

All labels are made in the UK. Packaged and quality checked in Scotland