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Knitworthy is all about generous knitting but for this pattern I was completely selfish, in the hope that my ultimate cowl would also be perfect for someone on your gift list—cycle commuters will love it. It’s longer at the front for extra warmth where you need it most, without bunching under a coat, and it gently flares towards the bottom for a snug fit around the neck. The textured stitch patterns give it structure so it stays up around your face, and the triangular ribbed panel at the top helps to keep it in place. This ribbed panel grows out of a twisted stitch pattern that is a sort of exploded version of a traditional textured leaf pattern. The chart might look intimidating but it’s fun and intuitive to work and combines beautifully with the short rows which shape the point. Worked from the bottom up, in the round, although a significant amount is worked back and forth while shaping with short rows.